Life as a Washingtonian—Post 1

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May 19, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

I’ve been here almost a week! I can’t believe that this is my first post… I was having some Internet issues so I did not have access. So this post will be a conglomeration of my first week here! Please, if you ever feel like you need a break from all the hysteria, then get up, grab a cup of honey sunflower seeds and come back!

So without further adieu… This is the start of my life as a Washingtonian.

———–Friday, May 11th 2012———–

I’m heading to the airport with my family. My dad drove, my mom was in the passenger side and I was in the back with my brother and all of my crap.

Now, I know you may think… how could a photographer have such terrible photographs? Well taking things on your phone while in motion is not the easiest thing to do! Especially when your phone has such a slooooooooow shutter speed, and an off color balance. So… get used to it! The more ‘professional’ photos will come as soon as I have time!

Remember that I am here as an intern for National Geographic Television so I will be super super busy with other work that my photography kind of has to wait.

———–Saturday, May 12th 2012———–

I was living on a street called Contee Road. This road is located in Laurel, Maryland.

We, including my mom, went to a farmers market. It was indoors and was like a bulk department of a candy store. It was very VERY interesting. I bought, which means my mom bought for me (I am an independent woman.. leave me alone!) some smoked gouda cheese, mild cheddar cheese, whole grain penne pasta, granola, raw honey, pitted dates, the sunflower seeds and peanuts she bought for herself!

The skies out here are completely gorgeous.

The FDA building is pretty English looking.

These are pics of the place where I was staying (and am currently writing this blog post in MS Word).

7840 Contee Road, Laurel MD, 20707. That address is forever BURNED into my brain for all the wrong reasons. If only I didn’t have to courtesy to write it out here. But anyway…Wanna know how far away NatGeo is using pubic transportation? 2 hours and 15 minutes. Can you say COMMUTE?!

That’s why that had to change. Especially when you are new to the area, and someone who has been living here for 8 years gives you advice about the public transportation… you would think to take it. Don’t do it!! It’s a trap! Find your own information out you could save yourself from a 20 min walk to a busstop and a 35 min walk back to the apartment.

———–Monday, May 14th 2012———–

Today was my first day at NGT! Even though it was raining, I met John Bredar, of course, Alex Wenchel, Morgan Saunders, Bill Gabler, Bailey Frankel and probably a few other people. I can’t remember.

This pic was from John’s office. My name is on his board! So Cool!!

This is a my desk in the “intern pen.”

I got my intern badge too. Check me out. I’m a professionalll.

I rode the metro rail with 2 other interns and 1 intern who was hired. Go Sam! They are so nice! It was great!

These were some cute birds at the Greenbelt Metro station where I sat waiting on the 87 bus. Too bad I missed the last one.

———–Tuesday, May 15th 2012———–

Yes it’s reversed. But this is the view from my Specials Desk not located in the intern pen. I’m right by the big doors. Woot woot!

Day 2 as an intern was great. There are 2 other interns currently working with me as well. Devin and Jacob are really nice guys. I’m glad to work along side them. I watched a ‘string out’ video with John, Eman, and Andrew with Karin (the producer in LA). The film was in it’s early early stages but… I thought it all looked great to me. I was hungry so of course I was in and out in terms of listening. I also read a project book on a 5-part project due in 2014. It was dense but I helped John compile a list for PBS.

The bus ride back to the apt wasn’t all that bad. Too bad I was told to take this bus and it took be 35 min away from where I should have been.

Gorgeous sunset about 20 min into the walk.

———–Wednesday, May 16th 2012———–

The decision has been made to take me away from this situation here.

I am happy! I’m wearing Yellow, the sun is shining, the walk to the busstop is only 5 minutes.. it’s a good day.

The ride today, using my own research, is only 1 hour and 20 mintues. I can’t believe it!

I left for work at 7:05, Arrived at Nat Geo at 8:40. Know what that means? Picture time! I felt pushed by the heavens to bring my camera today so I did. I can share those in another section of my blog! 🙂

Mom told me to buy food so I didn’t have to cook. Done!

Good food. Good day. Goodnight.

So I was packing that night. And we had a super hilarious phone thing going on. I was on a 3 way with mom and Nick. Mom and Stephen were on Skype. Nick called Stephen and added him to the phone call, then he called Lindy! And mom was on the phone with the hotel. So we have a 3 way with me, and a 4 way with Nick. Then Nick was like…who else can I call?! Then he called the bank. Haha!

Now to recap, It was mom on the phone and on skype with Stephen. I was on a 6 way call with Nick, Lindy, Mom, Stephen, and the Bank. It was completely-bombastically hilarious. It was good.

I needed that family support. Thanks guys. Love you.

———–Thursday, May 16th 2012———–

So here we are back to today. I am laying on the air mattress writing this. I’m waiting until the apartment has been vacated of the other person so I can dip run, dash, sprint, flee, get the h*ll outta here!  You shall be updated.

**~*~** Live free. Love you. Free you. Be you. **~*~**


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