Life as a Washingtonian – 1st Weekend


May 20, 2012 by Natasha

My Life as a Washingtonian

Man O man, life is good!!
I am no longer in that place! Whoohoo! It was a disaster to leave, but I am out. That is all that matters right now. I’m out. I’m safe. I’m free.

I’m thinking that the general structure of my blog will be a Tuesday night posting describing Monday and Tuesday, a Thursday night posting describing Wednesday and Thursday and a Sunday night posting describing the Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend. Who’s excited? Anyone??

Anyway… this was my first real weekend here in DC! Wow! I’m pretty stoked about that. I had some hellish experiences, some fun experiences, and some sketchy experiences. But who am I to complain? This place is pretty awesome.

So…you should know the drill by now, grab some veggie chips (the hot and spicy kind if you are adventurous) and relax! Click on the pictures to make them larger, and check out my first weekend as a Washingtonian.

———–Friday, May 18th 2012———–

It’s Friday and I am going back to work after moving out Thursday. It wasn’t exactly a fun experience, as you know. But I’m now living in the actual District of Columbia! There is a bus stop right at the corner, and the express ride to NGS was only 25 minutes. No joke. No JOKE.

These were my bags  brought into the new space. My suitcase isn’t sitting here but I had a super full suitcase, two garbage bags hanging off of it, my floral colored tote, my bookbag and two plastic bags hanging off of that. I am a super WOOOman.

The bathroom here is really nice! I have a kitchenette with a gas range, a refrigerator, a bathroom, a bedroom with a bed and a living room with a TV! It’s SO much more than what I had at the other place.

Today at NGS, I helped to find some stock footage for a new project, I helped load some equipment that’s going to Afghanistan, and I helped finish out some label making for the GeoBee. Oo, I also sat in on the Senior editor for PBS Specials and watched him work on a new project. It was pretty exciting!! Sorry I don’t have any pictures. I took a video.. that was it. Maybe I’ll post that later.

Man oh man.. I walked 3 miles JUST to find some cheap pots. This wasn’t including the walk I made earlier from 17th to find a “Dollar General” and ended up finding a “Family Dollar Store” which was super sketch and super tiny. Failure…
Anywho… I walked for about 2 hours or so total and it got dark. There were people talking to me, and I was just going on my merry way. Mom and Stephen were on the phone giving me directions because I didn’t want to act like I was lost and wasn’t sure where I was going.

DC Tip- Don’t go to “CVS” or “Rite Aid” or “Dollar Tree” looking for cheap pots. You WON’T find ANYYYY!

———–Saturday, May 19th 2012———–

Today, I headed to NGS early…well…not too early. I was to meet Bill under the stars at 10:30 so I left the house at about 9:45am. There I was to help with anything the crew needed. I just printed out 2 sheets of paper and sat on my bum until 2:30pm. Hahah!!

This night, I just hung out in the apartment. It was nice. I watched NCIS all night while talking to Jean on Skype! Yayy!

Saturday was kinda boring… not much happened. Oh! You gotta give me my points for creativity (or ghetto-ness, if you are my father). Since I have no microwave….and no sauce pot for heating liquids, I used my frying pan to heat my milk. I also used silver foil and a baking sheet to make my first meal here when I had no frying pan. Check me out… I’m a GENIUS!

———–Sunday, May 20th 2012———–

Today I walked to St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church!

It was a nice service. The audio wasn’t that great so I struggled to hear what was being said. I could check out another one next week and see if I like that better. Today, there was a First Communion Ceremony and most of the congregation where Latino/a. That was cool because I could work on my Spanish, but I think I’d like to see what else is out there.

DISCLAIMER: That last picture has my face in it… oops. :-/

After mass I was waiting at a bus stop to head to Target and hopefully find some pots. While waiting, a guy named Kevin came up to me. He was acting as though he was interested in me.. *sigh* why won’t the guys I’m NOT interested in just Leave. Me. Alone! He asked for my number, I gave him an email. Hope I don’t run into him again. Blehh…

All over DC I’ve been seeing these “Be One” GAP ads on buses. I never wear clothes from GAP, (or is it called The Gap?— whatev), but I love this advert scheme. I’m gonna try to photograph them ALL!

So…found Target, finally…yay! I was able to purchase the produce items I left at the other place, so I don’t feel at a loss. I also found some pots that were  $41 for a set of 10… I didn’t want to buy that. I already have pots at home and I will only be using these for 3 months. Thankfully Ms. Lonette, my land lady/cousin’s friend’s daughter, let me borrow another one.

While waiting for the 62 bus at Georgia Ave /Petworth Metro station, there was some shiggity going down across the street! First a car pulled up (or something, I was looking the other way) and then some girls got out. They were screaming and cussing and flailing their arms. I have no idea what they were so pissed about. One girl had an aluminum baseball bat and the other a metal stick and she was banging on the light post.

Then a skinnier black guy ran across the street and the girls were yelling at him and chasing after him. After about 5 minutes of this madness, what appeared to be the mother was calling “Amber” to get back on to the other side of the street. She said, “AMBER! Get cho a*s over here. You ain’t gonna be fighting in the street!” She was also super pissed.

After they got into the car and drove 30 feet, 2 guys were running across the street and bobbing in between moving cars and the girls tried to chase after him. Someone obviously called the police because then 4 cops pulled up on both sides of the street basically blocking the road. It was complete psychosis! Finally, after about a 40 min wait, my bus showed up and I got on. then 2 more cops showed up. I have NO idea what was happenin’ but I got OUTTA der!!

Now, I’m just at my apartment watching Mythbusters and chatting with mom and Stephen on Oovoo. Dad, Nick… Where you at?!

Stay tuned for more info about what’s going down with D.C. and me!

**~*~** Dance, Smile, and Laugh for a while **~*~**


4 thoughts on “Life as a Washingtonian – 1st Weekend

  1. Marlene says:

    so fun! big city girl, real big city girl.

  2. Stephen says:

    LOL. Those woman were acting a fool!!!

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