Life as a Washingtonian- Post 3


May 23, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

This is the start of  my second week at National Geographic! Woot! I can officially say I’ve worked for a whole week (minus, Thursday for moving purposes) but that’s alright.

I hope you are enjoying my blog so far. I really appreciate that you are following it I am making this for you. So you feel as though you are right here along beside me during this journey…because you are! You are all in my heart. You should definitely know the operating procedures by now, get a nice cool glass of pomegranate juice and check out what’s going down in my life as a Washingtonian.

———–Monday, May 21 2012———–

Today I woke up and made veggie sausage and eggs! Yayy… Then I took the bus to work. Not to bad of a commute.

Today at NGS, I met a girl who will be shadowing a project I am helping out on. Her name is Allie. She will be here for 2 weeks, so that’s exciting. We also have 2 other interns that started. Their names are Caroline(, who will be hanging out with me this weekend!!) and Dakota. That’s nice.

We all get along pretty well. I didn’t get any pictures of today because I was kind of all over the place!

I did get a few pics of when I was standing guard for the GeoBee. When all 54 students and their parents, and teachers arrived I helped them locate where to go.

This is a picture of my view from the ‘security post.’

I gots a press pass! Woot!

Tomorrow, though, some super secret stuff regarding the GeoBee will be happening. Wicked!!! For real though, when I am asked my super hard geography question…. my answer is “Texas.” “Natasha, what country had the average percentage of rainfall in of .34 inches during the last weeks of the winter solstice?” “What is Texas!!” I don’t know any geography stuff! Shoots….

On the RedLine back home, there were 2 girls who were totally dressed up. It wasn’t a ‘formal’ dress or an ‘office’ dress. It was more like… “I’m wearing a lot of make up right now, because makeup makes me beautiful” dress. *shrug* Whatevss!

When I got to Takoma Train Station, I needed to ride the 62/63 bus back home and these are some pictures I took along the way.
Psst…these were taken with a REAL camera! See the difference in quality? Any rising photographers… invest. I say, INVEST!

It was a very nice day outside! Gorgeous.

Some beautiful organic shapes growing on a friendly tree near the bus stop.

In the bus!!

Cool building, I saw along the way.

Sneak pic!!

I remember this place… this is a daylight version of that night when I was lost in The Sketchy!!

I made it home! Yay! This is the front of the building I’m staying in.

Tomorrow, I am hell-bent on taking the same bus to and from work. I’m sick of always feeling lost and at the mercy of DC streets. I get off at 13th and Mass. Ave. I will be heading there after work to catch the same bus. I can DO this!!

———–Tuesday, May 22 2012———–

6:20am. You read that? 6:20AM! That is when I woke up today so that I could be at NGS by 8:30. Our call time was 8:45, and I got there around 8:35. I felt that I deserved a small green tea latte from Starbucks… so I bought myself one before heading in. 🙂

I told you I was on hunt fore more GAP adverts. Here is another! I caught this while I was waiting at the bus stop before heading in to work.

Today, I didn’t even make it to my desk! I spent the entire day as a stand in for the tech rehearsal of the GeoBee. I can’t talk about what happened in there because there is show content but all I can say is… “Good Luck Kids!” Those questions are unbelievably difficult. Haha.

This was one of my answers. 🙂

My points! I WAS winning…. until they rigged the boards!! Haha!

Sadly, this morning my Burberry perfume bottle fell in the bathroom and a corner of the bottle was broken off. So it leaks.. I was so upset about it because duck tape wasn’t keeping it closed! It was still leaking. So I went to CVS and purchases a 3OZ bottle and transferred my perfume into that. I got a little creative with the bottle to ensure that It wouldn’t look too sketchy.

Along the walk back to the bus stop (remember, I told you I was walking to the 13th and Massachusetts Ave), I saw this super CUTE house! It was so tiny in comparison to the other HUGE buildings that it was standing next to. I snapped a shot of it.

This one is for you, Daddy! I saw a sign that said “Evergreen Properties.” It should have said “EverWOOD.” But that’s okay. 🙂

At the bus stop, I had a perfect view of this building. It was pretty nice I wonder what it is.

On the bus ride home, there were 2 girls, and a boy who got on at the same stop that had that crazy-ness with the police going on. They were talking  about some guy who stole something, beat someone up, I don’t know. Whatever. I’m not a part of it!

Now, I’m back at the hizzle. I’m pretty exhausted. I’m going to bed pretty early tonight…but not after a few episodes of Supernatural and House,M.D!!!!

**~**~** Remember when the rain falls, a sunny day will follow it. **~**~**


4 thoughts on “Life as a Washingtonian- Post 3

  1. Marlene says:

    That cute little houswe was obviously a hold out by someone who refused to sell out to the big investors. Good for them!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Good idea with the Burberry perfume bottle.

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