Life as a Washingtonian – Post 4

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May 25, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

So… this post is going to be a mix of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Leave it to me to change things up! Anyway, this week went well, I think. Not too many wicked exciting things occurred but that’s okay because it was a good three days!

Hope you have been enjoying my life as a Washingtonian so far.

———Wednesday, May 23 2012———

I have images from my transit to work today! Yay! I was (ahem) a little late so I missed the last bus and I took the metro to work. Check it outtt.

I’m on the Metro!

Cool sites to see

One of the stops

Look! Another track!

Where school buses hang out

Cool Train

Inside the subwayyyy!

Architecturally cool


At NGT (National Geographic Television), all I really did was work on locating stock footage and photographs for a PBS project I’m helping with. I also was a security guard again during the afternoon. For lunch, I went to eat at a place called something 8. I know there was an 8 in the name.. I just can’t remember what was in front of it. Haha. I went to eat with Andrew, who is the AP (Associate Producer) for the show I’m helping with.

I ordered a goat cheese and caramelized onion sandwich. It was on a really nice bread and (despite the fact that I’m not an onion fan) it was really good! I’m glad I had the opportunity to leave NatGeo Cafe for a day.

———Thursday, May 24 2012———

Today, I wanted to look really nice. I’m not sure why. 🙂

Pearls? – Check!
Polka-dot skirt? – Check!
Fierce Attitude? – Double Check!

A woman on the bus had really nice metallic nail varnish. I want some!!

At work, I helped compile a list of facts about asteroids for a potential project. Borrringggggggg. I also made a DVD.

Luckily, the edit crew from the GeoBee (that I didn’t get to watch) needed coffee around 2:30pm so Dakota and I jumped on the opportunity to get out of the office and walk around outside! So we did. There were 12 coffees, 2 teas, and 2 smoothies. I’m sure we helped the process because at 8pm the GeoBee was ready for broadcast and was streaming on at least 3 different channels! Way to go NatGeo! (… aaaannnddd the interns!)

I took a sneak-pic of Eman (a Senior Editor) working! He is so nice. We are using my voice as the narration for the scratch videos. Karin, the producer, loves it. That’s great!

I found these sitting on my desk. Thanks Bill, the AP for the GeoBee, for the two meal vouchers! They are $2 more than my current set. You an bet that I will use these before the time runs out 🙂

On the bus ride back home, I took some cool pics.

Left: Cool wall mural
Right: A house still had Christmas decorations up!

That’s all for Thursday, tomorrow is Founder’s Day for National Geographic Society, so no work! Then, Memorial Day is on Monday. Four day weekend…here I come! No plans, but sometimes.. no plans are the best plans. 🙂

———Thursday, May 24 2012———

Today was my Friday off! Here is what I did this morning, accidentally forgot to unset my alarm so I woke up at 7:00am, went back to sleep, and officially woke up at 10am with a call from mom!

I made some food, and then sat on my bum in front of the tv! Haha.Don’t laugh at me… I deserve it. They are killing me at NGT….and it’s only JUST begun.

So… for me. “Free Friday” pretty much equals “Shoe Shopping.” Anyone else feel this way?
I ventured to the shopping center on 14th ST NW downtown and went on my hunt. I felt like an urban-ite because I didn’t 100% follow the directions on my phone and I knew were I was going! It was really nice and I was super confident. Ohh yea.

The current shoes I have (and love!) from Aldo are officially 1 year old. I have also been wearing them everyday for a year, but they are still holding up. New shoes needed to be purchased just in case my lovelies decided they have had enough.


I got a peachy/pink wedge and a multi-colored strappy heel. I am completely satisfied! Yay!

Now, I’m just back at the apartment hanging out on the floor. I made Guyanese peas and rice, aka cook-up rice. And I also made an interesting spinach and smoked Gouda side I think I want to explore that as a dip. It would be really good, I believe.

All of my food has been removed from the fridge and is upstairs with my landlady. Hope I don’t have any midnight cravings because I would be O.O.L (my acronym for out of luck) !!

I’ll check back in on Sunday/Monday for the weekend freak-end! I mean.. the weekend wrap up.

Live your life to the fullest. You are so beautiful in my eyes.

**~**~** Think, well. Be well. **~**~**


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