Life as a Washingtonian – Post 5


May 30, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

Wow, I’m really doing a great job with not updating this thing! Haha. I guess I’m at the “hump” stage. Where once I get past this rut, it should be smooth sailing. This isn’t going to be a long post (not much happened this week ANYway). But there will be pictures! Everyone loves pictures right? Right???

So just hang on tight, pause that episode of Supernatural and check out my life as a Washingtonian.

————Saturday, May 26, 2012————

Today, I did… nothing. I mean ABSOLUTELY positively… nothing. I washed my laundry while enjoying an all day marathon of NCIS and that was it.

Okay, I lied. I did go outside a few times. The first time was to walk around the block. The second time was when I struggled to find something to eat. So, I walked to Papa John’s for a small pizza. (Note to Google Maps: Georgia Ave. Papa John’s is NOT a 7 min walk away. It is a 20 min walk. Get It RIGHT!) I ordered a garden fresh pizza (an all vegetable pizza). When I get home… there was meat on it. Not just a piece of meat. I’m talking it was ridiculous. There was sausage and pepperoni all on top and under the cheese. Needless to say,  I picked it all off and then ate the remaining tatters of my pizza. Geeze. I’m making my own pizza from now on.

————Sunday, May 27, 2012————

I went to St. Gabriel’s Church again today. Mass was fantastic! Only little hitch in the system was running into Kevin. Okay… so I didn’t run into him, he sought me out. He sat by me for mass. Leave me alone, dude. I’m not interested.

————Monday, May 28, 2012————

Happy Memorial Day!

I don’t really understand why we say “Happy” Memorial Day because honoring our servicemen who have died is actually really sad…. anyway.

I didn’t have to work today! Woot! It was a 4 day weekend and boy-o-boy did I spend it on the floor! The upsetting thing is that I think I am getting bitten from bugs in the carpet. Currently, I have a bite on my right ankle, a bite on my left ankle, a bite on my left foot, a bite on my shoulder, and bite on my left forearm. I hope I don’t get anymore (but I’m sure I will).

I took pictures! Look!! (click on them for slightly larger images)

It was a fun time! I’m glad I was able to explore Downtown! Next time I’ll go when it isn’t as populated. Geeze!!

————Tuesday, May 29, 2012————

Back to work! Aww… do I HAVE to?! Today, I just went back to National Geographic. I was very excited to get out of the house.

Sadly, I have 3 more bites. One on my wrist, the other on the inside of my forearm, and one on my left hip. This HAD to come to an end. I had a dead set plan to go to the store to buy some carpet-bug-spray-killer-eradication-something!

Anywho… I felt great today! I washed my hair last night and curled it today. Man, I was looking and feeling great! (Hey, give the girl chance to be confident for a second).  I’ll have to show you a few pictures in tomorrow’s post. I was getting compliments! Bill said “Wow! Look at you! You look nice today.” Andrew and Alexandra both said things like, “Your hair looks so good!” “Your hair looks great!” Thanks, guys! You are so sweet!

So I went to Target, I have a funny picture to show you later. I bought some Raid Fragrance-free ant and roach killer, and some Bed bug and flea killer. I plan to coat the carpet tomorrow before work. I’ll let you know how it turns out! I also got a chair! Hooray for getting off da floor!

Thanks for sticking with my for this haphazard post! Until we meet again, my friends!

*~*~* Open your heart. Open your mind. Free yourself. Relax, unwind. *~*~*


2 thoughts on “Life as a Washingtonian – Post 5

  1. Sonia says:

    Gahhhhh! Great pictures! Wish I were in DC with you.

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