Life as a Washingtonian – Post 7


June 10, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

A week in review.

Whew… what a week. Lots was going on. I guess you could say.

Right now, I don’t really have much of an intro. I do know that I will begin to start a book of “How not to be” or “The People I Run Into” which will catalog the people I have met who are SUCH Debby-Downers or negative energies. I’m certainly gonna start to make this chronicle. *shakes head slowly*

Anywayyyy… some great things did happen this week so turn up that Greg Laswell song and check out my life as a Washingtonian.

———Monday June 4, 2012———

Monday Monday… So good to me.

My desk! Woot!!

Interns: our lives…

Today at NGT, I just worked on finding some footage of Baltimore. It wasn’t an eventful day. I also worked on compiling the scripts into one giant master script.

———Tuesday June 5, 2012———

I didn’t take any pictures today. Haha. Basically, I updated the script based on last night’s output, and continued the search for news footage. Yea… nothing really exciting happened.

Such. Is. My. Life!

———Wednesday June 6, 2012———

Today was the screening of the Wisdom project with the EP from PBS, Beth. Wooh… she is a doozy! I guess that is how they are supposed to be. Hopefully the project will get better. It’s only up from there…

I found that there is a bus stop at the corner of 13th and M. Are you kidding me?!? I was walking ALL the way to N (which really isn’t that far) but I don’t have to do that anymore. It’s really a blessing especially when you have to catchย  bus and you can seriously risk it passing you before you are at a designated bus stop.

View from the new bus stop.

Architectural angles.

Also, I was able to do something exciting and go shopping!

The “Yes, Organic!” market is 2 stops after the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station stop. It is now one of my favorite stores! It was FABULOUS going there. I will be going again. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is an apartment complex above the shop, and I want to live there if I get a job in DC. It’s super fantastic and I am glad I found this wicked spot!

Walking to Yes, Organic.

The store front! It’s so fully stocked it is amazing.


I bought some grapes, Mediterranean flat bread, hommus, granola, and organic ice cream! Yays.

There was a gorgeous sunset tonight… check it!

———Thursday June 7, 2012———

Today, I helped John with some ancient Greek research he wanted for some episode proposals he’s working on. That was about it. Nothing else transpired. Next week I’ll be in the digital studio, helping out that should be exciting.

After work, was the softball game. Yay! The interns and I headed over there. We passed by the White House on our way. I’ll get better shots later, I wasn’t in a tourist-y mood.

Girl… why you in my shot?

We, myself and Dakota who played with my cam, got pics from the game. Our team is called the “Vampire Bats”. Of course… We were playing a team called “La Flama Blanca” it was interesting.

Intern Buds: (Left to Right) Brooke, Dakota, Zoe

Brooke and Zoe

The guy on the right is another intern- Corey!

Sliding into first

Afterward they, and all of the other softball teams, go to a bar called “The Exchange.” Could Brooke and I get in? What do you think? Of course not! We wandered the streets trying to find another place to eat… everything was closed. We decided just to go home. So we did…

Tomorrow is Friday! Bloody Hell.

———Friday June 8, 2012———

At NGT, Alex and I finished the asteroid proposal and sent it in to John. Thank goodness that is finally off our chest!ย  Not much else happened. Oh! We have been eating our lunches on the 6th floor balcony. It’s really nice out there so I love it! It also gives us a chance to get out and get some sun together. We all need a little sunshine.

I went to Target tonight to get some wall decals. I really wanted to add some color to MY space, I’m leasing the bloody thing aren’t I? I’m sick of feeling as though I am just a squatter. I am NOT a squatter. I am renting this place and it needs to look like I live here!

Decisions… decisions.
I got 1 pack of the stickers on the left. They were on sale!

Part of the room I did. Yay. I love it. I’ll add more pictures later. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also bought some cheap plates, cups, bowls that are colorful and have them on the kitchen counter. I had to bring some life to this boring pit.

———Saturday June 9, 2012———

Laundry Day! Today was pretty simple:
-Do laundry
-Fix hair
-Hang out at Jake’s House.

That was it. That was my night! Dakota and I went to Jake (NGT Spring Intern) house and hung out on the porch with him and 2 of his housemates. It was nice; it was chill. Glad I did it.

P.S. Remind me NEVER to blow dry my hair with a wide toothed comb. It took at least 3 hours to fix my hair. What a disaster. I also trimmed it myself to lose some split ends. It’s a lot better now. I’m happy.

———Sunday June 10, 2012———

Sunday, Sunday… Today I went to Baltimore with Andrew! Woot.

It was nice to get away from DC for a while and just take a trip up there. The first shoot ended up falling through but we were able to get some fantastic shots of kids playing around.

I did a really great job of being a techie-logistic intern. I set up some camera equipment, got release forms, watched the stuff, recorded a shot.. it was fun! I enjoyed being out in the field. Whateva my job is, I gotta be in the field. THAT has been determined!

I took TONS of pics so I will upload those to a gallery tomorrow. I also got some cool photographs of the tree bark texture and etc. I haven’t scanned through them to figure out which I like the most. ๐Ÿ™‚

I HAVE decided that I want to create a “Architectural Portraits” sections of my portfolio. I have too many cool pictures of buildings and other structures for them to go to waste!

Well… that was my week! I will try my hardest not to let the week pass by without an update! It’s too much work in the end! Oh, True Blood started today and did I watch it? OH YEA!!!

*~*~* Think of the positives. Think of the good things. Hold onto them. *~*~*

2 thoughts on “Life as a Washingtonian – Post 7

  1. Stephen says:

    Girl, why u in my sister’s shot? Don’t make me go up there!!!

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