Life as a Washingtonian – Post 9

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June 24, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

So… it’s been a while since my last post.  I didn’t update about the weekend because I honestly did nothing this weekend! But honestly, I was trying to send the pictures from my phone to my computer so I could download them and they had been “sending” for 4 days. So, I deleted the emails and tried again and it worked successfully!

This week was pretty boring, not much went on except for the last 3 days of the work week. You’ll find out why soon enough! Now, relax your mind and stretch out on your yoga mat, this is my life as a Washingtonian.

———- Friday, June 15 2012 ———-

Today at work, was the last day of the explorer symposium! Yays!

The 2012 EE sign!

Left Panel Close Up

Right Panel Close Up

Reggie Watts, who is apparently a famous comedian, performed.

I had NO idea who he was, but he was pretty funny. He did a performance and I recorded some of it but we aren’t allowed to post the video because we didn’t get the rights to publish the video!

His closing part of his act was mimicking the famous “Afghan Girl” photograph.

———- Saturday, June 16 2012 ———-

Nothing happened today! I just watched Supernatural  and House,MD.

———- Sunday, June 17 2012 ———-

Today, I ventured to a new church. It was a 20 minute walk, not too bad though.

Side Window and Alter

Organ Balcony

Front and to the side

Behind the building there was a cool tower thingy!

So…I’m trying to figure out what I should do, because there were praise dancers (and all of you viewers at home know how I feel about those), and the music was still too gospel-ly for my tastes. Should I try out next week? And then see what happens? Ahh… decisions..

One the walk home I saw a cool tree. Check it out!

I sat outside today watching TV on my computer after washing my hair.

I see that the paint on this house compared to the next needs to be scraped off and updated!

I did get some veggie food and bubble tea for dinner! It was GOOD!

I had already started to eat. Haha!

And I was almost done with my Bubble Tea. I am cravin’ some right now! It was great… wait a minute.. I can prolly make my own!!

———- Monday, June 18 2012 ———-

Today at work I searched for internships on my laptop. I didn’t do much other than that. John didn’t have much for me to do worth mentioning or remembering. But I have gotten really intense with searching for photography internships in NY! I will find one. Something will definitely work out. I can feel it!

———- Tuesday, June 19 2012 ———-

On my walk to work I saw some guys hanging off this building. There were tons of people walking so I couldn’t be too obvious about it.

Can you sees them?!

More searching for internships while at NG today. It’s kind of a lull in things. I have enjoyed watching Eman edit though. It’s always cool watching him work and seeing how things come together. It’s also very awesome being able to see some of the stock footage you found in the film!

I will be breaking this post into two parts to make it more accessible and less boring! Be sure to check out the next one!

*~*~* Feel Your Breath. Dance to Your Heart. *~*~*


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