Life as Washingtonian – Post 13

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July 15, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

Four more weeks of internship left! I’ll be leaving D.C. in 3 weeks and 6 days! Oh mi goodness!

This week went alright. Did some cool stuff. You will find out soon enough!! So take a break from your float down the river and check out my life as a Washingtonian.

——- Monday, July 9th 2012 ——-

Okay so… I gave in last night and bought some Crunchy Nut! Hahah! There was a huge wall of them staring at me at Target and all I could hear was the commercial playing over and over in my head.

So… I bought some! They aren’t bad! I had some for breakfast this morning. Not too sweet… very nice! I’m gonna buy some more!

I went to a seminar for John and took notes. Long title short, it was about using tracker dogs to identify scat (animal feces) to see their migration paths through a certain part of Argentinian forest.

The dog’s name was Train! He was super hyper and super playful.

That was pretty much the highlight of my day!

——- Tuesday, July 10th 2012 ——-

I didn’t take any pictures today. I actually do not even remember what I did today.. Hmm..


Nope nothing. Don’t think I did much today.

I did have lunch with Andrew today. We went to vegetarian restaurant called Java Green. I’m SO excited about it! Haven’t been to an all vegetarian restaurant since Uptown Juicebar in Harlem, NY! Holy moly, I will be going there again.
Also, I just remembered that I will be helping out with filming emotions for the Wisdom project I have been constantly helping with. Super excited about it. I’m runnin’ this thing!

——- Wednesday, July 11th 2012 ——-

Today, I made breakfast from the biscuits I bought from Target! It was yummy!

The shot is pretty yellow, but that’s what my camera on the phone does… makes everything yellow.

I really wanted a smoothie today. So I struggled to find the Robek’s but I did. Yays. I got something called a Mahala Mango. It consists of mango, papaya juice, pineapple sorbet, and some other fruit that wasn’t a strawberry or banana. I can’t remember what it was.

Yummy smoothie and E-Street Indie film calendaaarrr.

At NGS, I got some confirmation for filming in the Samurai exhibit space. They were dismantling everything so there is space! Alex is bringing his camera and lighting equipment and I am super excited!

Walking home, and getting lost, I saw this “No Parking” sign that clearly had cars in front of it. Teehehehe…

A building being remodeled looking ghostly…

There also was a cool black art installation.

——- Thursday, July 12th 2012 ——-

Today is the day I will be grabbing visitors to the NG Museum and capturing their emotions on film! (Well… it’s digital.. but you now what I mean.)

More omelets and apple juice! Now this is pretty yellow because I also have apple juice. So I like yellow food in the morning… Get off it, mate.

My look for the day! And I am feeling sexxayy! Haha. Kidding. There is a lot planned though. Intern luncheon, filming downstairs, softball game. It’s gonna be awesome!

At the luncheon, they had small glass bottled drinks. It was super cute! Although my ginger ale had no ginger, it was carbonated. I took the picture next to my Nantucket Nectar bottle so I could give you scale. 🙂 Tiny lil thing!

I didn’t take any pictures of our filming.. Andrew did though.. so I’ll have to see if he can give them to me! It was really great. I felt so proud! I really hope it goes into the film because my name will DEFO be in the credits, then!

We lost the softball game, but it was okay. I played and hit the ball on my first swing! It was fun, I got some exercise and scored a point for the team. Was a’ight!

——- Friday, July 13th 2012 ——-

For those with paraskevidekatriaphobia, beware! It is Friday the 13th.
It’s also a Green Friday and I planned to go in to finish the filing project I wanted to do before John came in. He arrived on Thursday… come on John! You weren’t supposed to be here!

Morgan really didn’t want me there… but she needs to calm down! When do you ever get mad at someone who shows good work ethic and wants to come in to finish a job their boss gave them? What’s wrong with you?! Back the Hell down!

Sorry about that.

I went to Java Green to get 2 veggie turky wraps for lunch! One for today and the second for tomorrow while we are floating down the Potomac! Woot! It was absolutely delicious. On the way there and back (around 18th ST NW or so) I saw a guy playing the violin. He was great! Sneak shot!

After work I  went to CVS to buy some sunscreen, film and other crap I need for tomorrow. Waiting at a different bus stop, I saw this cool angle of buildings I’ve seen before and…

Another DC FD (District of Columbia Fire Department) building. They are so cool! And no WONDER we always hear sirens going off.

——- Saturday, July 14th 2012 ——-

Today we went tubing! Yayy! TOOBING! I woke up at 6:00am to meet Corey, his roommate Micheal and Brooke at Union Station. It rained like a beast when I got to the bus stop but it calmed down.

Most of my photos are on film but I did get this 1 image of base camp before we all started the adventure! Haha.. also… Note to all of you reading this: Yes, people do start drinking beer at 9:30 in the morning.

Cars of those who are ready to go!

On the ride home, I glanced outside of my subway window and saw the beautiful golden sunlight reflecting off the tiles at Fort Totten station. <<– That line belongs in a book!

I will not be able to move my body tomorrow, I feel it! Soreness…commence!

——- Sunday, July 15th 2012 ——-

Today is Sunday! Yayyy Sunday!

Last night I found that you can press your hair in 45 minutes if you have the urge to do it! I BLASTED through it because I could have gone to E.J’s party. I was too tired and I would have gotten there too late.

Here is my hair this morning! Yays!

Not much else occurred today other than church and a CVS visit. I bought a small 1 oz Skinny Cow icecream. It was dulce de leche and it was muy delicioso! Que fantastica fue el helado! Quiero comprar mas… pero no tengo.. sorry. I got on a roll there. Translation” “…really delicious! That ice cream was so awesome! I wanted to buy more… but I don’t have…”  space in my freezer.

So that was my week! Thanks for tuning in! Join us next week for another episode of “My Life as Washingtonian!” Only 4 more weeks before the season finale!

*~*~* Move with the rhythm of your heart *~*~*


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