Life as a Washingtonian – Post 16

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August 7, 2012 by Natasha

Life as a Washingtonian

Dun Dun!!! It’s one week left now!

I don’t have much of an intro…. so let’s get to it. This is my life as a Washingtonian.

——– Monday, July, 30 2012 ——–

It’s Monday again! Which means I did my hair last night. Yays!

Me thinks it looks great… Now, if you look in the back you see someone creeping on me. Goodness.. You are creepy.

Today at NGT, I helped John find some more images for a show pitch. It was fun stuff. The only research I like to do involved visuals. πŸ™‚

——– Tuesday, July, 31 2012 ——–

I’m out of breakfast foods… so you know what that means? Eat ze food at NatGeo!
For breakfast I had oatmeal, orange juice and milk. It was really great and filling. So…this will he happening a lot this week.

Did some work with the script but that was about it!

——– Wednesday, August, 1 2012 ——–

Today, Morgan and Alex had a ‘mandatory meeting’ for the interns. It was a pizza lunch with cake! Awws…. thanks guys.

It was your average white cake with white icing. Either way, it was very nice of them to do that for us. πŸ™‚
Today is my last day to see John and Eman! So sad.

I took some photos with my color film cam, and those will be developed when I come home! Yay!

John took this photo on his phone.

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to both of them. However, I was very glad to have met them and help them out. We shall stay in touch.

——– Thursday, August, 2 2012 ——–

Awww…. today is the last day I see Andrew! We had lunch together at a Thai Restaurant and had milkshakes after lunch! Pretty awesome. I didn’t take any photos today, but the pics with him are on the 35mm film.

——– Friday, August, 3 2012 ——–

Sometimes on the walk to work, in Thomas Park a woman walks with this itty biddy dog. Today, her dog met up with another teeny tiny dog.

It’s a small dog party!

Look at those lil things… unbelievable.

Not much happened at NGT today… It was Brooke’s last day and everyone was gone! Dakota didn’t come in… neither did Devin. Corey took a 1/2 day and Patrick did as well! So… it was me, Zoe and Brooke. The girls were ruling the throne!

See you around, Brooke. Enjoy junior year… it’s gonna go by FAST.

——– Saturday, August, 4 2012 ——–

A week from today, I gonna be heading home! Woooottttsss!!!!!

Today was a day of relaxation. Nothing really happened other than the dinner I made which was….

Honey carrots, red beans and quinoa, and coconut salmon.

Is it lucky if one of your carrots has a hole in it? Me thinks so!! πŸ™‚

——– Sunday, August, 5 2012 ——–

Today I went to the cathedral of St. Matthew’s. It was GORGEOUS.
I can’t wait until photos come out. You had to see it to be weave it.

Beautiful mass. Great way to start the week.

After mass I hung around downtown taking pics. Fun stuff.

Sitting in Farragut Square, some pigeons were pruning each other.

Leaving the Metro? Not sure where to go? Go to National Geographic. Follow the sign. BOOYA!!!

After visiting the White House and Dwight D. Eisenhower building, I walked to Georgetown University. It’s a nice campus but the Foggy Bottom Metro was TOO far way. Haha.

Outside of the dorms/classes, I saw this park job. These cars were literally 2 inches from each other. Come on, now…

On the way to the metro was this scraggly looking tree. It reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree all grown up!! Aww… so scrawny.

Tonight’s dinner. I didn’t want any meat. Just some good ole vegetarian entrees.

So… that was my week! Only a few more days until my final post as a Washingtonian! Are you pumped? I’m pumped.

Watch the Olympics…. they are fantastic!!

*~* Your light, my light. Our light makes the world bright. *~*



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