Rain Drops

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September 6, 2012 by Natasha


It’s the morning, and daily activities call out to you in timed alarms and perfected schedules. After a solid preparation of hair, attire and makeup and/or shaving you gaze into mirror, satisfied by your appearance. The hands of the clock remind you of your engagements so you gather your remaining items head for the door. A step outside and your cheek is brushed ever-so-gently by a droplet of rain, a kiss from the clouds. Your linen bag of stress begins to fray at the edges.


We’ve all had days like this. It’s like the rain seems to ruin our plans and our neatly coordinated dress. Yes, it is hard to accept a wrinkle in our ribbon… but we shouldn’t be upset by the rain drop! We have been kissed by the sky, caressed by the clouds. That is a beautiful gift. Just as the flowers need this constant affection so do we.
We must remember that we are loved by the universe.


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